About me

About me

Hello Everyone, My name Is Rasella a Pilipina and Spanish, Growing up in multi culture family with big sibling was a challenges for me, or everyone in the family but we created our own desire of education and lifestyle as our parents let us choose of our own but with respect and dignity and Education, Religion is a big part of our family. Growing in our small town North of many land in the Philippine in our Agricultural Plantation and Political family was bit Chaos but we all manage. Growing up in 3 continent America, Philippines , Spain was a bit challenges for me to adopt 3 culture and heritages but I created my own style of lifestyle. My Mother was my Mentor with it comes to fashion, Education and Religion take me to the most beautiful store, boutique locally and abroad and since then in my childhood years to my adult. That is Why I created my own small Store to share to all of you my since of fashion, Artistry and Style.

I love to shop from top designer to local designer and I usually mix match my daily style. I believe that fashion should not break our wallet or bank account its the way we carry our own style to our everyday look.

My Education back ground I Attended School in my Elementary and High School in a Private Catholic School later attended and graduated in Medical Degree in Southern California Specialized in Renal/ Dialysis, and Finished my degree in Marketing.

On my Free Time i devote myself in Volunteering to Red Cross for their Disaster Relief Program in San Francisco and Orange County California, Participated in Walk for cure Breast Cancer in Honor of our late Mother who died in Breast Cancer, and Prevention Program for Suicide.

My Hobbies, I love Biking along the trails, Walking, Running and Home Cooking. and traveling locally and abroad ļ¬nding those fashion treasure from various local designer and I am an Organize Person I like Cleanliness and Flowers it give me joy and satisfaction.